The Oasis, Saturday 2nd January

04/01/2010 at 11:23 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment

My first swim of the year wasn’t at my Usual Pool, which was closed, so I braved the Oasis. My main problems with this pool are as follows:

1. Despite at least 3 really massive refurbishments in the last 10 years, the changing rooms are rank and the showers either boiling or freezing

2. The indoor pool is full of kids and the outdoor pool is full of sports prima donnas, one of whom once punched my nose when he kicked off and gave me a nosebleed

3. You can never, ever swim at the right pace – you’ll always be stuck behind someone or blocking someone else

Nothing could be done about 1. – and it’s been done so many times that I have to conclude that they are so intrinsically grim that they cannot be improved – but the outdoor pool was empty by Oasis standards. Who would have thought that a little cold weather and the odd bank holiday would put people off? I normally have trouble entering ‘the zone’ when I go to this pool, because I have to concentrate so hard on not being stuck behind someone, but it was empty enough that I was well off after 20 minutes and felt absolutely brilliant. I have been warned that if I do enough outdoor swimming then heated pools will start to be too claustrophobic for me, but even Roger Deakins HIMSELF didn’t turn his nose up at a warm swim from time to time. And temperatures hovering around 1 or 2 degrees meant I could always cool down. I still missed the option of having a sauna, as at Usual Pool.


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  1. […] Oasis ladies’ changing room has had a refurb which has really made a difference (something I said could never happen). The new tiling, wooden benches and lockers really do make the subterranean changing room look […]

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