Finally legal

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The corporation of London has finally taken money from me for a season ticket after a month of walking around town with a crumpled application form and two passport photos of a middle-aged woman claiming to be me in my handbag. My last few attempts have either met with the lido being closed (my fault) or being open but there being no staff to process the form. Anyway, I am legal now.

Although the pond temperature is still only 11 degrees, I did a good ten minutes today and still don’t quite have feeling back in my extremities. It felt great though – I’d love to have done longer but common sense pulled me out. I think I’ve managed to miss some intervening slightly warmer water and even Mr Mandarin Duck wasn’t swimming today.

On Saturday  I made my first trip to London Fields Lido (or Haggerston Lido as Hackney-dwelling ex-pool attendant boyfriend says it should be called) and really enjoyed it! The water was just the right temperature and the lovely wide lanes weren’t full atall – besides, it’s a pool with real charm and character. I didn’t quite get the lockers-by-the-pool thing – my usual routine of keeping my shower things out of the locker was made redundant as I prefer a segregated shower to showering in my swimsuit – but the showers in the changing room were warm and the whole thing was clean and pleasant. I have heard some bad stories about the lifeguards here, but they were fine (if a little bored and chilly looking) on my visit. On the basis that I’ll probably be using this lido and the Clissold pool a fair amount, plus Swiss Cottage, The Oasis and Kentish Town when it opens, I have bitten the bullet and got a swim london card. I can always cancel the direct debit if I don’t think I’m getting use but as most GLL pools are £4 a pop without it, it won’t take long to get value, even if I’m still using Usual Pool until the autumn.

Finally, Outdoor Swimming Friend has finally surpassed herself in nutty intrepidness. She’ll be making up part of a relay team completing the Enduro challenge – a sort of mega-triathlon encompassing a run from London to Dover, a channel swim and then a cycle to Paris, apparently largely favoured by the employees of major investment banks. Two hour-long swims in the channel in her cozzie won’t be particularly hard for this lady, but in the context of two 6-mile runs and a fair old bit of cycling, all using different muscles, it is a challenge indeed. More than happy to raise my glass from the sidelines. Brava!


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