Cold treats cold

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After an uneventful couple of weeks of indoor and outdoor swimming, I caught a textbook cold this week and couldn’t do any proper exercise. However, I did go to the pond today, although I’m definitely still runny-nosed and bunged up (at the same time!). I thought it couldn’t possibly do any harm and actually it did an amazing amount of good. Having slept poorly and feeling thoroughly out of sorts, I felt refreshed and positive after a few minutes in the water. More amazingly, my cold symptoms actually disappeared for about an hour (although they’re back again now – but tempered by the good mood left behind by the cold dip). I remember a similar experience with a hangover last year – total cure after immersion, some return of symptoms about an hour later (although the curative effects were stronger in the hangover – perhaps because they were combined with the only dead cert hangover cure: time). The water was up to 6 degrees although actually felt colder because the air temperature was mild. On the other hand, I walked up wearing lots of clothes (which made me stand out a bit on the heath) instead of running which will have affected my perceptions. Anyway, if I have a terrible relapse tomorrow, I will acquiesce to’I told you so’.


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