A clear-eyed view and a tiny triathlon

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I’ve developed a bit of a paranoia about swimming without goggles, so much so that I’ve bought new ones for a one-off swim on more than one occasion (clearly worthwhile – I don’t have any spares at the moment). On Wednesday I was already costumed, swimming-hatted and showered at the point that I realised I’d left my goggles at home so not really in a position to drip my way back to reception to buy some. So I had no choice but to swim with my head out of the water. And guess what? It was really pleasant. I got a really good chance to admire the beautifully restored woodwork in the Willes pool and a good look at other people’s swimming styles (not to mention caps, costumes and tattoos). In the end I got out after 20 minutes because I was worried about my back. I actually only started using goggles in my early twenties so I must have had years of swimming with a bent back, but then most stupid things you do when you’re under 25 don’t seem to matter very much in the long term.

Today, by contrast I embarked on the World’s most petite triathlon. I’m currently trying to gain confidence bike riding after my very first lesson last Saturday (put it this way, I went to the lido afterwards because I thought it would be unwise to expose my multiple wounds to the pond). There are actually very few places you can ride a bike on Hampstead Heath, but one of the main paths is near where I live and at 8am on a Saturday morning is pretty quiet. I made some progress in confidence and turned around once. Then I did my usual run/walk/run up the hill, had a very nice dip in the pond, shared with one other lady and a Canada goose, then ran back home past the railway track. If anyone wants to promote an event based on this regime, just drop me  a line. It could be a winner at the 2020 Olympics.


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