Oasis squeezeathon

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Swimathon launch 2012

"some bald bloke and a six foot model" oops!

Last week I went to the Oasis for one of my new ‘uncrowded’ swims and found myself signing a release because the only public swimming (until lessons finished at 10.45 in the indoor pool) was in a single lane of the outdoor pool and ‘there will be photographs taken’. Now the Oasis has one of the worst fast/slow tolerance rates I’ve encountered (it’s the pool where I once got a nosebleed after somebody doing a fast crawl up the middle of the middle lane accidentally punched me as he kicked off) so hopes weren’t high for us rubbing along together, but actually it was fine. It wasn’t hugely full and there was enough room in the middle to overtake when stuck behind a slow swimmer. Well, mostly. Sometimes the slow swimmers seemed to take up a lot of space but then it was the slow lane we were in and they probably are used to considering it ‘their’ space. There was only one really fast swimmer and she was extremely good tempered and jolly. Actually, after 10.45 I wondered why she hadn’t moved to the indoor pool, but then I realised she could equally say the same about me, so probably like me she didn’t want to be deprived of swimming outside just because of some media event thingy (and in fact the indoor pool was still shut when I left at 11.05).
So this media event. It was a bit strange. Lots of people wearing coats were standing around being photographed. Then around 20 photographers (and the odd telly camera) stood at one end of the pool and started clicking. At this point a number of people either got out or stood in the shallow end out of shyness presumably. I carried on swimming and started to worry that people thought I was an exhibitionist, until I realised that the photographers were far more interested in the bald bloke and six foot model posing in the middle lane (she came into the ladies’ dressing room later and said ‘I’m so cold’ which I don’t blame her – you don’t want to be outside in a pool and NOT swimming). Later that day it occurred to me that the bloke was Duncan Goodhew (look, not everyone who swims and is bald can be Duncan Goodhew) but I’m afraid it’s only today that I realised the lady was Jodie Kidd. Sorry chaps! Keep up all the swimming ambassador stuff and all that.
Anyway, in case anyone showed footage that wasn’t of those two, I was the one doing breast stroke wearing goggles, a cozzy and a swimming hat. Among all the others.

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