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Ladies' swimming society book

I'd read it even if it were rubbish

On Saturday I encountered the Pond Ladies discussing, and indeed holding in their hands, a review copy of this book . It seems the author had sent a copy to one of the committee members and was hoping to hold her book launch at the Ladies’ pond. Leaving aside the limitations that an al fresco female-only book launch would offer, this a) made me very excited and b) made me realise that I’d be prepared to read it without knowing if it was any good and probably even if somebody told me it wasn’t. There aren’t many books which go into that category (for me, books about the Norfolk Broads are probably the other main area) and I think it must be a mixture of the fanaticism which goes with certain activities and the rarity of existing published materials. If there were loads of books about outdoor swimming, I don’t think we’d bother. But there aren’t. And anyway, it might be brilliant!

In case you were looking for some books for yourself or a swimming friend, Jenny Landreth updated her excellent list last Christmas.


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