Today, it’s not just me

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Picture of london fields lido queue 19th August 2012

Lots of people want to swim there when it’s hot

If I like swimming so much that I write a blog about it, it would be really, really bad form to complain about other people discovering they like it too, wouldn’t it? So I won’t complain about getting to the lido at 11am on Saturday morning and seeing a queue stretching out the building, down the ramp, along the path, across the grass and all the way along the side of the railway tracks as far as the shack cafe. Realising these people were queueing to spend a day at the lido in lovely hot weather with temperate waters, I turned round and went home again and quashed my thoughts of ‘where were they when the water was 17 degrees?’ (‘exercising sanity’ one of my twitter contacts replied). It really is good that people are using the lido and realising what fun swimming is. And maybe they’ll come when the air temperature’s not 31 degrees!

So the next day, I decided I would brave London Fields Lido, even though I knew it would be even more popular because it’s heated. I’m not so dedicated that I’m prepared to give up my one lie-in of the week just to get to the pool before everyone else, so I arrived at 10am to a long queue, which alarmingly seemed to be getting longer behind me without moving particularly. But then it suddenly occurred to me that the problem might be ‘processing’ rather than ‘capacity’. Getting a nice lady to save my place in the queue, I went up to the cash desk and lo, was told that as a member I could swipe in myself. Hurrah! and the pool itself wasn’t particularly more crowded than it often is on a weekday evening (although there was barely any sunbathing space left even at that time). The only thing I’d say is that there must have been more ‘amateurs’ there than usual because the pace of the slow and medium lanes was, almost, slow and medium. I even swam in the medium lane for about ten minutes before being taken over by some front crawlers.

So, I’m *more* than happy for the rest of the world to like swimming too, even if it’s just for one day a year, given that I queue-jumped ahead of them all.


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  1. I feel so churlish moaning when lots of other people use the pool. They just don’t understand the unwritten rules! I think it’s also because members can’t queue-jump at Tooting. I’m envious of your queue-jumping.

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